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(Version overview)
(Version overview)
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|Bug fix
|Bug fix
*[[https://github.com/geoschem/geos-chem/issues/1358 geoschem/geos-chem #1358]
*[https://github.com/geoschem/geos-chem/issues/1358 geoschem/geos-chem #1358]

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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 14.0.1

Version overview

The following fixes for bugs and technical issues have been added to GEOS-Chem 14.0.1: Also see the following Github pages:

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
Updates that will not affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations
Fix compilation errors with the KPP/custom mechanism Lixu Jin (U. Montana)
Bob Yantosca (GCST)
User-built custom mechanisms with KPP
Bug fixes for the Hg simulation via KPP Ari Feinberg (MIT)
Viral Shah (GMAO)
Bob Yantosca (GCST)
Hg simulation
Updates for GEOS from GMAO Christoph Keller (GMAO) GEOS-Chem in GEOS
Update HEMCO_Config.rc for GEOS-Chem 14.0.0 in CESM Haipeng Lin (Harvard) GEOS-Chem in CESM
Updates for GEOS-Chem in WRF-GC Haipeng Lin (Harvard) GEOS-Chem in WRF-GC
Bug fix: Remove duplicate SO4 in the KPP aciduptake.eqn file Tomas Sherwen (York) Bug fix

Bug fix: Update HEMCO_Config.rc file to read newer CEDS data for the CO2 specialty simulation Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Bug fix