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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 13.2.1 which is currently in development.

Version overview

The following items have been added to GEOS-Chem 13.2.1 since the last benchmark for GEOS-Chem 13.2.0. See also the 13.2.1 milestone on Github.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes
Updates that will affect full-chemistry simulations
Bug fix: Make sure JvalO3O1D and JValO3O3P diagnostic arrays are zeroed in flexchem_mod.F90 Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Lizzie Lundgren (GCST))
  • See geoschem/geos-chem #810
  • NOTE: This update will cause JvalO3O1D and JvalO3O3P plots to differ w/r/t previous versions, but will not affect benchmark metrics such as mean OH concentration, MCF lifetime, etc.
Updates that will not affect full-chemistry simulations
Planeflight diagnostic bug fixes:
  • Fixed incorrect unit conversions in planeflight diagnostic output
  • Run stops unexpectedly when converting altitude -> pressure
Tess Carter (MIT)
Bob Yantosca (GCST)
Fixed typo in gc_grid_mod.F90 that caused a regridding error in nested-grid simulations Lizzie Lundgren (GCST)
Bob Yantosca (GCST)
Enable nested-grid integration testing with the following updates:



Bob Yantosca (GCST) Nested-grid &
Update the script to read global settings from a YAML file Bob Yantosca (GCST) Grids

New data directories

The following data directories have been added or updated in this version. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

Inventory Type What was added? Directory
HEMCO/SAMPLE_BCs/v2021-07 Optional Sample boundary condition files for testing nested-grid simulations (currently: fullchem, CH4) HEMCO/SAMPLE_BCs/v2021-07