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Version history summary

Past releases Current release: GEOS-Chem 12.9.3 Future releases

The sections below describe each GEOS-Chem feature version and GEOS-Chem bug fix patch version belonging to the GEOS-Chem 13 series. Each feature version carries the tag 13.Y.0, which indicates that the version will be (or has been) validated with a 1-month benchmark simulation (and one or more 1-year benchmark simulations if necessary). Each patch version carries the tag 13.Y.Z, which denotes that the version preserves backwards-compatibility with the prior feature version 13.Y.0. For more information, please see our GEOS-Chem version numbering system wiki page.

Current versions in development

The GEOS-Chem versions listed below are currently under development.


Feature Submitted by Type Notes and References
Updates that will affect full-chemistry simulations
Retire carbon-based units for VOCs GCST Science
Removal of HEMCO code from within the non-local PBL mixing modules Bob Yantosca (GCST) Structural
  • Introduces small numerical differences
Updates that will NOT affect full-chemistry simulations
CEDS_GBD-MAPS emission inventory (1970 - 2017) Erin McDuffie (Dalhousie) Science
ODIAC fossil fuel emissions for CO2 simulations Jenny Fisher (UOW)
Yi Cao (UOW)
  • Delivered to GCST (Jan 2020)
Updated Streets Hg emissions Colin Thackray (Harvard) Science
  • Delivered to GCSG (Jul 2020)
Updated EDGAR 4.3 Hg emissions Amanda Giang (UBC) Science
Global Inventory of Methane Emissions from Fuel Exploitation Tia Scarpelli (Harvard) Science
Retire tropchem mechanism; implement new tropchem simulation using Standard mechanism below the tropopause and archived P/L rates above Melissa Sulprizio (GCST) Science
Fix bug in RRTMG with stratospheric aerosol Sebastian Eastham (MIT) Bug fix
Add global mean OH and CH4 lifetime diagnostics GCST Structural
Retire the GNU Make build system in both GEOS-Chem Classic and GCHP and replace with CMake Liam Bindle (WashU)
Retire the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester repository and move GEOS-Chem run directory creation to the GEOS-Chem source code repository Melissa Sulprizio (GCST) Structural
Updates to GEOS-Chem and HEMCO interface for compatibility with CESM Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Thibaud Fritz (MIT)
Lizzie Lundgren (GCST)
  • ongoing
Dynamically allocate diagnostic arrays based on HISTORY.rc content to minimize memory footprint Bob Yantosca (GCST) Structural
Features only affecting GCHP:
Retire the existing GCHP repository and replace with a new wrapper repository that uses ESMF as an external library and integrates GEOS-Chem and NASA/GMAO GEOS-ESM git repositories as git submodules Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Separate HEMCO from GEOS-Chem to use as an ESMF gridded component in GCHP Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Enable a stretched grid capability in GCHP to run global simulations at regional high resolution Liam Bindle (WashU) Structural
Update MAPL (v2.2.7) and GMAO library dependencies Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Enable GCHP to be compiled with RRTMG Sebastian Eastham (MIT) Science

Current stable version

The current stable version is GEOS-Chem 12.9.1.

NOTE: In GEOS-Chem 13.0.0 and later versions, the master branch will be renamed to main.

Previously released versions


Previous issues now resolved in GEOS-Chem 13

Bugs and/or technical issues have been resolved are listed on the following Github pages:

Outstanding issues not yet resolved in GEOS-Chem 13

Unresolved issues are listed on the following Github pages:

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