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=== GAMAP web pages ===
=== GAMAP web pages ===
This page has now been split into several sub-pages:
* [https://geoschem.github.io/gamap-manual/ GAMAP main page]
* [https://geoschem.github.io/gamap-manual/ GAMAP main page]

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On this page we list information about GAMAP, the Global Atmospheric Model Analysis Package.



  • is a self-contained, consistent, and user-friendly software package for reading and visualizing output from chemical tracer models (CTM's)
  • consists of a suite of routines written in IDL (Interactive Data Language)
  • makes extensive use of IDL's powerful plotting features
  • can produce line plots, 2D plots, 2D animations, or 3D isocontour surface plots
  • can read 2D, 3D or 4D data blocks
  • can read output from the GEOS–Chem, GISS and FSU model families
  • can be easily customized to keep pace with ongoing model development
  • can be installed on any platform that supports IDL, thus ensuring a high degree of portability
  • can be coupled with the ION (IDL on the Net) interface to create interactive plots which can be served to a web page
  • can read data from ASCII, binary, netCDF (including COARDS conventions!), and HDF–EOS file formats
  • contains helper routines to read from / write to various file formats

The main GAMAP program contains a user-friendly, menu-driven interface; however, users may also call GAMAP subroutines independently of the main program. This makes it possible to embed GAMAP routines within existing IDL code.

Table of Contents

GAMAP web pages

GAMAP tips and tricks

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