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On this page we shall answer some commonly asked questions about GEOS-Chem.

Basic information about GEOS-Chem

For new users

Science questions

Where can I find information about ...

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Technical issues

Parallelization issues

High-Performance GEOS-Chem (GCHP)

Please see the GCHP user manual at gchp.readthedocs.iofor more information.

Where can I get restart files for GEOS-Chem?

For instructions on how to obtain a set of sample restart files that you can use to spin up your own simulations, please visit this link.

Running GEOS-Chem

Please see our Running GEOS-Chem wiki page.

How long does GEOS-Chem take to run?

It depends on your particular computing environment. We have posted several timing results from GEOS-Chem 7-day time test simulations.

GEOS-Chem seems to be running too slowly. What can I do?

There are several ways to speed up a slow GEOS-Chem simulation.

If you are archiving many diagnostic quantities are a high temporal resolution (e.g. every hour), then this will increase the run time of your simulation. You can try saving out less diagnostic quantities, or archiving at a lower temporal resolution (e.g. every day).

GEOS-Chem errors

Please also see our Guide to GEOS-Chem error messages and Debug GEOS-Chem and HEMCO errors pages.

GEOS-Chem died with an error. What can I do?

Please see Understanding the different categories of errors section of our Guide to GEOS-Chem error messages.