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Here is a quick overview of the emissions inventories that are currently available in GEOS-Chem.

Anthropogenic emissions

Please see our anthropogenic emissions wiki page for details about all global and regional inventories, or download the following documentation:

Baseline inventory

By default, GEOS-Chem uses the GEIA/Piccot inventory with 10 gas-phase species:

Species Name Equivalent # of carbons
NOx Odd nitrogen = NO2 + NO + NO3 + HNO2  
CO Carbon monoxide  
PRPE >= C3 Alkanes 3
C3H8 Propane 3
ALK4 >= C4 Alkenes 4
C2H6 Ethane 2
ACET Acetone 3
MEK Methyl Ethyl Ketone 4
ALD2 Acetaldehyde 3
CH2O Formaldehyde  

Optional inventories

It is the usual practice to replace the NOx, CO, and SOx from the GEIA/Piccot inventory with data from the global EDGAR emissions inventory.

These emissions may be further overwritten by one or more regional emissions inventories in various locations of the globe (e.g. N. America, Asia, Europe, etc.).

Anthropogenic emissions of aerosols

Several aerosol species have anthropogenic emissions. Please see our aerosol emissions page for more information about these inventories.

Ship emissions

Emissions from ship exhaust from several global (e.g. EDGAR) and regional (e.g. EMEP etc.) inventories can also be selected.

Annual scale factors

Several of the emission inventories are for a particular year or range of years. To obtain emissions for years outside of the given range, interannual scale factors must be applied.

Biofuel emissions

GEOS-Chem emits the same 12 species as for anthropogenic emissions listed above. The default inventory is that of Yevich and Logan [2003]. This inventory can be overwritten by:

Biogenic emissions


By default, GEOS-Chem emits the following species from the GEIA biogenic emissions inventory:

Species Name Generic formula Equivalent # of carbons
ISOP Isoprene C5H8 5
MONOT Monoterpenes C10H16 10
MBO Methyl Butenol C5H10O 5
ACET Acetone CH3COCH3 3
ALK4 (scaled from ISOP) >=C4 alkenes   4


The following species may be overwritten with the MEGAN inventory (this is now recommended)!

  1. Isoprene
  2. Monoterpenes
  3. Methyl Butenol

Please see our MEGAN biogenic emissions wiki page for more information.

Also see our Isoprene Emission Estimates in the Literature page for Isoprene Emission Estimates in the literature.

Biomass burning

By default GEOS-Chem uses 15 biomass burning species from Duncan et al [2003]:

  1. NOx
  2. CO
  3. ALK4
  4. ACET
  5. MEK
  6. ALD2
  7. PRPE
  8. C3H8
  9. CH2O
  10. C2H6
  11. SO2
  12. NH3
  13. BC
  14. OC
  15. CO2 (NOTE: for offline simulations only!)

Most of these are also anthropogenic emissions species.

All of these species can be overwritten by GFED2 monthly, 8-days, or 3hr biomass emissions.

--Bob Y. 14:40, 17 March 2010 (EDT)

Other NOx emissions sources

Please see the following wiki pages for information about other sources of NOx emissions:

  1. NOx emissions from aircraft
  2. NOx emissions from lightning
  3. NOx emissions from soils

--Bob Y. 14:40, 17 March 2010 (EDT)

Aerosol emissions

Please see our Aerosol emissions wiki page for a full description of the inventories which contain aerosol species (e.g. SO2, SO4, NH3, NH4, etc.)

--Bob Y. 14:40, 17 March 2010 (EDT)