EPA/NEI08 North American emissions

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The EPA/NEI2008 inventory was a research option, but was never used in official GEOS-Chem releases.


On this page we shall provide an overview of the National Emissions Inventory produced by the US EPA (aka EPA/NEI2008).


The EPA/NEI2008 data were processed by Katherine Travis onto 1° x 1°, 1/2° x 2/3°, and 0.25° x 0.3125° grids, with 3 vertical levels. Original gridded data on a 12 km x 12km grid as provided by EPA. Emissions have been processed using the 2008 EPA SMOKE platform into GEOS-Chem emissions for 2006 and 2010. Year 2008 and 2005 emissions will be completed soon. These emissions will be implemented into GEOS-Chem v10-01. Please email Katherine Travis if you are interested in this inventory.


We acknowledge the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for providing 2006 and 2010 North American emission inventories. These emission inventories are intended for research purposes and were developed for Phase 2 of the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) using information from the 2008-based modeling platform as a starting point.

A technical document describing the 2008-based 2007v5 modeling platform can be found here:


A report on the 2008 NEI can be found here:


The source code for the EPA/NEI2008 emissions is located in module nei2008_anthro_mod.F90.

Recommended emissions settings

We recommend that you turn on the EPA/NEI08 emissions, which will override the default underlying global emissions (e.g. EDGAR) over the United States. To select these emissions inventories, you will have to modify the EMISSIONS MENU section of the input.geos input file. For detailed instructions, please see Section of the GEOS-Chem Users' Guide.

Biofuel Emissions

The EPA/NEI08 North American emissions inventory contains biofuel emissions.

Emissions Totals for 2010

  N. E. I. 2008 U. S. A.   E M I S S I O N S

  NEI2008 anthro  CO    for year 2010:  54.323  [ Tg CO ]
  NEI2008 anthro  NO    for year 2010:  4.0889  [ Tg N  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  NO2   for year 2010:  0.4098  [ Tg N  ] 
  NEI2008 anthro  HNO2  for year 2010:  0.0239  [ Tg N  ] 
  NEI2008 anthro  SO2   for year 2010:  6.8645  [ Tg S  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  ALD2  for year 2010:  0.0447  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  RCHO  for year 2010:  0.1998  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  C2H6  for year 2010:  0.3373  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  PRPE  for year 2010:  0.0553  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  ALK4  for year 2010:  5.7334  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  CH2O  for year 2010:  0.5293  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  SO4   for year 2010:  0.0321  [ Tg S  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  OC    for year 2010:  0.5356  [ Tg C  ]
  NEI2008 anthro  BC    for year 2010:  0.3520  [ Tg C  ]