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NOTE: Page under construction

You can use the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester package to generate fresh copies of run directories for your GEOS-Chem simulations. On this page we

Downloading the GEOS-Chem unit tester

First, make sure that your system has these software packages installed. (Most of these come standard with your Unix-based operating system.)

Next, clone the GEOS-Chem unit tester package with the command:

   git clone -b v10-01-public git:// UT

This will create a copy of the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester package in a directory named UT for short.

The option

-b v10-01-public

specifies which branch of the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester that you would like to download. A new branch is created for each internal version of GEOS-Chem (i.e. the states of the code for which we run 1-month benchmark simulations). Most likely, you will want to download the v10-01-public branch of the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester, which corresponds to the public release of GEOS-Chem v10-01.

--Bob Y. 13:36, 19 March 2015 (EDT)

Editing the CopyRunDirs.input file