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On this page we provide an overview of projects on coupling GEOS-Chem to other models.


All current efforts to couple GEOS-Chem into Earth System Models are listed below.

Project Lead developers For more information
Coupling GEOS-Chem with GEOS Christoph Keller (NASA/GMAO)
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Coupling GEOS-Chem with CESM2 Sebastian Eastham (MIT)
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
See the presentations listed here:
Coupling GEOS-Chem with WRF Tzung-May Fu (PKU)
Haipeng Lin (PKU)
See our WRF-GC web page:
Coupling GEOS-Chem with GISS Lee Murray (Rochester)
Pengfei Liu (Harvard)
Yang Li (Harvard)
Coupling GEOS-Chem with ECMWF IFS Sebastian Eastham (MIT)
Coupling GEOS-Chem with Beijing Climate Center Climate System Model (BCC_CSM) Lin Zhang (PKU)
Xiao Lu (PKU)
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