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HO2 + CH2O

Scheme does not contain the HO2 + CH2O --> Adduct reaction (MJE Leeds)

Hermans, I., et al. (2005), Kinetics of alpha-hydroxy-alkylperoxyl radicals in oxidation processes. HO2 center dot-initiated oxidation of ketones/aldehydes near the tropopause, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109(19), 4303-4311.

According to this paper, this reaction is significant when Temperature is below 220K.

--J Mao. 15:00, 10 Aug 2009 (EDT)


One typo was found by Dylan Millet for reaction 230(MAO3+NO=1.0NO2+4.0CH2O+1.0HO2) in this documentation. The reaction rate should be 6.7E-12exp(340/T) instead of 6.7E-12exp(-340/T). This reaction rate was correct in globchem.dat.

--J Mao. 16:26, 21 July 2009 (EDT)