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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem chemistry-climate simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the email list (see the contact information section below for instructions).

Information on existing projects and future developments in chemistry-climate work will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

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Chemistry-Climate Working Group
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Current GEOS-Chem Chemistry-Climate projects, alphabetized by institution (please add yours!)

Simulation User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
Full chemistry IAP/CAS Impact of the Asian Summer Monsoon on air quality in China Hong Liao Mar 24, 2011
GISS Model III/GEOS-Chem IAP/CAS Impact of future climate change on air quality in China Hong Liao Mar 24, 2011
CESM/GEOS-Chem SNU Impact of future climate change on air quality in East Asia Rokjin Park Sep 28, 2012
CESM/GEOS-Chem CUHK Ozone-CO2-vegetation interactions / dynamically changing land cover in GEOS-Chem Amos Tai Sep 1, 2015
CESM/GISS/LPJ/GEOS-Chem CUHK Impacts of historical and future changes in climate, ecosystems and land use on air quality Amos Tai May 9 2013
GEOS-Chem MIT The impacts of historical land use change on global air quality Colette Heald April 12, 2017
GEOS-Chem MIT Exploring the ozone-temperature relationship Will Porter April 12, 2017
GEOS-Chem/APM, CESM SUNY-Albany Anthropogenic aerosol direct and first indirect radiative forcing Fangqun Yu May 8, 2013
ICECAP UW, Harvard, NASA GISS/LDEO Interpretation of Greenland ice core nitrate isotope records of past oxidant variability Lei Geng May 7, 2015
GCAP Harvard Effects of changes in climate and land use on U.S. dust and wildfire particulate matter Loretta Mickley April 23, 2017
GEOS-Chem/GEOS-5 Harvard Investigating the distribution and effects of carbonaceous absorbing aerosols over mainland China Loretta Mickley April 23, 2017

Recent GEOS-Chem updates for chemistry-climate work

Launch of chemistry-climate working group wiki, March 2011

On-going Chemistry-Climate Working Group Developments

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