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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem chemistry-climate simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the email list (see the contact information section below for instructions).

Information on existing projects and future developments in chemistry-climate work will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

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Chemistry-Climate Working Group
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Current GEOS-Chem Chemistry-Climate projects, alphabetized by institution (please add yours!)

Simulation User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
Full chemistry IAP/CAS Impact of the Asian Summer Monsoon on air quality in China Hong Liao Mar 24, 2011
GISS Model III/GEOS-Chem IAP/CAS Impact of future climate change on air quality in China Hong Liao Mar 24, 2011
CESM/GEOS-Chem SNU Impact of future climate change on air quality in East Asia Rokjin Park Sep 28, 2012
CESM/GEOS-Chem CUHK Ozone-CO2-vegetation interactions / dynamically changing land cover in GEOS-Chem Amos Tai Sep 1, 2015
CESM/GISS/LPJ/GEOS-Chem CUHK Impacts of historical and future changes in climate, ecosystems and land use on air quality Amos Tai May 9 2013
GCAP Harvard Effects of changes in climate and land use on U.S. dust and wildfire particulate matter Loretta Mickley April 23, 2017
GEOS-Chem/GEOS-5 Harvard Investigating the distribution and effects of carbonaceous absorbing aerosols over mainland China Loretta Mickley April 23, 2017
GEOS-Chem Harvard Examination of the climate penalty on U.S. ozone and PM air quality Loretta Mickley April 23, 2017
GEOS-Chem MIT The impacts of historical land use change on global air quality Colette Heald April 12, 2017
GEOS-Chem MIT Exploring the ozone-temperature relationship Will Porter April 12, 2017
GEOS-Chem/APM, CESM SUNY-Albany Anthropogenic aerosol direct and first indirect radiative forcing Fangqun Yu May 8, 2013
ICECAP UW, Harvard, NASA GISS/LDEO Interpretation of Greenland ice core nitrate isotope records of past oxidant variability Lei Geng May 7, 2015

Recent GEOS-Chem updates for chemistry-climate work

Launch of chemistry-climate working group wiki, March 2011

On-going Chemistry-Climate Working Group Developments

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