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This page contains information about the carbon dioxide (CO2) simulation in GEOS-Chem.


The current GEOS-Chem CO2 simulation was developed by Parv Suntharalingam, now at the University of East Anglia (Suntharalingam et al., 2003; 2004). A major update to the CO2 simulation has been developed by Ray Nassar and Dylan B.A. Jones of the University of Toronto (Nassar et al., 2010). This update was delivered to the GEOS-Chem software development team at Harvard on 2010 April 1.

The update retains the original six CO2 fluxes: fossil fuel, ocean exchange, biomass burning, biofuel burning, balanced terrestrial exchange (CASA) and net terrestrial exchange. New inventories are available as options for some of these fluxes and other new fluxes have been added such as emissions from international shipping and aviation. There is also now an optional feature to include CO2 production from the oxidation of CO, CH4 and NMHCs. This will make GEOS-Chem the only model to account for the chemical production of CO2. This chemical source is an online implementation of the concept described in Suntharalingam et al. (2005), now with seasonality, updated year-specific numbers and other modifications.

The full GEOS-Chem CO2 update was applied to v8-02-01 (along with some patches). It is now undergoing testing and will hopefully be publicly available in the next GEOS-Chem release (v8-03-01).

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Nassar et al. (2010), Modeling CO2 with improved emission inventories and CO2 production from the oxidation of other carbon species, Geoscientific Model Development, in preparation.

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Suntharalingam, P., J. T. Randerson, N. Krakauer, J. A. Logan, and D. J. Jacob (2005), Influence of reduced carbon emissions and oxidation on the distribution of atmospheric CO2: Implications for inversion analyses, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 19, GB4003, doi:10.1029/2005GB002466.

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