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Here is an update on the status of the GFED2 8-day emissions:

Ray Nassar ( wrote:

The [GFED2 8-day emissions] code is working and I am using it for my work. Overall, the results I get for CO and ozone are very similar to my monthly GFED runs but this changes if one focuses on a pecific region over with a short time scale.
[Here are] ... some of [my comparisons]. This is by no means a complete analysis but more of an initial assessment.
In my opinion, the move to 8-day emissions is a definite improvement, although as I said, the differences are fairly localized and really only matter for time scales shorter than one month.

--Bmy 10:21, 4 April 2008 (EDT)


The fix described below for making 2006 the last available year of GFED2 data has now been implemented into GEOS-Chem v8-01-01. This will be released sometime in January 2008.

GFED2 8-day emissions are in the pipeline but have not yet been tested in any version of GEOS-Chem.


The previous benchmarked version (GEOS-Chem v7-04-12) is able to compute GFED2 biomass emissions from 1997-2005.

We have recently obtained the GFED2 C emissions data for the year 2006. In order to use the 2006 C emissions data to compute 2006 biomass emissions, then you must modify the following lines in the file "gfed2_biomass_mod.f":

       ! 2005 is currently the last year of available data
       IF ( YYYY > 2005 ) THEN
          YYYY = 2005
          WRITE( 6, 120 ) 
 120      FORMAT( 'YEAR > 2005; Using GFED2 biomass for 2005!' )


     ! 2006 is currently the last year of available data
     IF ( YYYY > 2006 ) THEN
        YYYY = 2006
        WRITE( 6, 120 ) 
 120    FORMAT( 'YEAR > 2006; Using GFED2 biomass for 2006!' )

NOTE: This fix has been added into GEOS-Chem v8-01-01. For the time being, if you need to use the 2006 GFED2 emissions in an earlier version than v8-01-01, then please apply the above changes to your research code.

Duncan et al "Seasonal" Biomass Emissions

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