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(Global inventories)
(Regional inventories)
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* Xiao C2H6 (retired in [[GEOS-Chem 12#12.5.0|GEOS-Chem 12.5.0]])
* Xiao C2H6 (retired in [[GEOS-Chem 12#12.5.0|GEOS-Chem 12.5.0]])
=== Regional inventories ===
=== Regional inventories, retired ===
*BRAVO (retired in [[GEOS-Chem 12#12.2.0|GEOS-Chem 12.2.0]])
*BRAVO (retired in [[GEOS-Chem 12#12.2.0|GEOS-Chem 12.2.0]])

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On this page we list information about the various anthropogenic emissions inventories available for use in GEOS-Chem.

Supported inventories

Below are links to wiki pages describing anthropogenic emissions inventories that used by GEOS-Chem (via the Harmonized Emissions Component (HEMCO). For a list of inventories by GEOS-Chem version, please see our HEMCO data directories wiki page.

Global inventories

Regional inventories

We recommend using regional inventories where possible to overwrite global emissions inventories in specific regions of the world.

Retired inventories

The following emission inventories has been retired from GEOS-Chem because they are outdated or have been superseded by another inventory.

Global inventories, retired

Regional inventories, retired

Scale factors