ATom Related GEOS-Chem Projects

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About ATom

  • ATom (Atmospheric Tomography) is a NASA airborne project focused on characterizing the composition of the global atmosphere. The project consists of 4 global transects (down the Pacific and up the Atlantic), one in each season which took place from 2016-2018. There is tremendous interest in using the ATom dataset to explore questions of interest to the GEOS-Chem community. The goal of this webpage is to enable communication across the GEOS-Chem community about these projects.

ATom-Related GEOS-Chem Projects

Name Institution Email Model Version Focus Date Added
Sidhant Pai MIT sidhantp [at] mit [dot] edu v11-02c Exploring ATom observations as part of a larger airborne-data evaluation of organic aerosol April 25, 2018

Katie Travis MIT ktravis [at] mit [dot] edu v11-02c Exploring global CO simulation during ATom, including primary emissions and secondary sources from VOCs. April 25, 2018

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