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Currently I am working at C-DAC Pune (India) as Consultant Environment on the project of urban environmental issues. Since December, 2017, I am on the Board of Studies Environmental Sciences, Atmosphere/Space Technology and visiting faculty at SP Pune University. I have guided more than 60 students from IISc, IITs, IISER sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. I was on official deputation to National University of Ireland, Galway (2008-09) and visited Columbia University, NY (USA), CEH (UK), NCAR & US EPA (USA), ESRIN (Italy), UNESCO, Paris, France, IWAQFR (Chile) and ICIMOD (Nepal) for scientific meetings. My research interest includes environmental impact assessments, tropospheric/stratospheric chemical processes, thunderstorm dynamics with extreme events, natural hazards and climate change.                                                      I have developed parameterization schemes (published results) for Hurricane mitigation and air quality models. I have published more than 85 research papers in the refereed SCI Journals (Impact Factor > 215) + 60 WMO/WHO reports. My Scholarly Citations are 1776 with i10-index =41 and h-index = 23 (Since 2014:1225, 32, 21).    As a scientist-F and Deputy Project Director, I have implemented the System of Air quality Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) at Delhi for Commonwealth Games-2010 ( and at Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.   I have organized extensive field measurements of aerosols distribution changes during thunderstorm rain, greenhouse gases, CCN & aerosols measurements onboard ORV Sagar Kanya and Sagar Nidhi cruises in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal Western India and over Himalayan region, Lumbini (Nepal) and flux measurements of greenhouse gases (CO2, O3, H2O) at the coast of North Atlantic Ocean (Mace Head station). Currently I am playing a major role in winter fog experiment (WIFEX) at IGIA Delhi with collaboration at IMD, ICAR, Delhi, Central Agriculture University at Hisar and IISER, Mohali.   Best Regards, Dr. DILIP CHATE (Mobile 9637327928) Scientist-F & Deputy Project Director System of Air Quality Forecasting And Research (SAFAR-India) till 31st October 2018 (Metropolitan Air quality and Weather Services) Visiting Faculty: Department of Environmental Sciences, SP Pune University ( Member: Board of Studies, Environmental Sciences, SP Pune University, India Member: Board of Studies, Atmospheric & Space Technology, SP Pune University, India Research Adviser: NAN YANG ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, SINGAPUR E-mail                               : Editor: Advances in Meteorology (Air Pollution, Air Quality, and Climate Change) Editorial Board: The Scientific World Journal (Impact Factor = 1.5) Editorial Board: International Journal of Geology, Earth & Environmental Sciences