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I am a Geomatic Engineer currently pursuing Ph.D. in Environmental Health & Risk Management at the University of Birmingham, UK. My PhD research is on modelling of air quality and climate impact of charcoal use in Africa. I am using GEOS-Chem CTM to model. I have more than eight years of experience in desktop and web based geographic information systems (GIS) mapping applications. I have more than six years of experience in mobile data collection and data analysis using various platforms including ODK and GeoODK. I have accomplished many individual and team-based GIS consultancies for both local and international clients and in various sectors including health, road, water, agriculture and infrastructure. I have co-authored more than 15 health related articles in learned journals and have been a university lecturer since 2010, training students in GIS, environmental health and field-based research. Software packages I can use include; Microsoft Office (word, excel, access & powerpoint); SPSS, R, python (statistical data analysis), ODK, GeoODK, Collector for ArcGIS (electronic mobile data collection); ArcGIS 10.x, Global Mapper, QGIS (Desktop GIS); ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap (WebGIS); AutoCAD (plan production) and Google Earth (mapping from Satellite data). I have passion for development and very willing to support and work with development partners in health, climate, and sustainable energy which are my core research interests.