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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem software engineering are encouraged to subscribe to the working group email list (click on the link in the contact information section section below).

Contact information

Software Engineering Working Group Co-Chairs
Software Engineering Working Group email list geos-chem-software-eng [at]
To subscribe to email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-software-eng+subscribe [at]


To unsubscribe from email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-software-eng+unsubscribe [at]


--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 15:48, 15 May 2019 (UTC)

Current GEOS-Chem Software Engineering Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person
GEOS-Chem Support Team Removal of binary punch (aka bpch) diagnostics from GEOS-Chem Bob Yantosca
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Current GEOS-Chem Software Engineering Issues