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  1. Simulations overview
  2. Mechanisms for full-chemistry simulations (e.g. Standard, Tropchem, etc.)
  3. Aerosol-only simulation
  4. CH4 simulation
  5. CO2 simulation
  6. Hg simulation
  7. POPs simulation
  8. Tagged CO simulation
  9. Tagged O3 simulation
  10. TransportTracers simulation



The following table provides links to information about the available chemistry mechanisms in GEOS-Chem. Please contact the relevant GEOS-Chem Working Group for more information.

Mechanism Mechanism file Simulation(s) Contact

(full-chemistry in troposphere + stratosphere)

KPP/Standard/Standard.eqn Chemistry Working Group

(full-chemistry in troposphere only)

KPP/Tropchem/Tropchem.eqn Chemistry Working Group

(full chemistry in troposphere only + semivolatile POA)

KPP/SOA_SVPOA/SOA_SVPOA.eqn Aerosols Working Group
Methane GeosCore/global_ch4_mod.F Carbon Cycle Working Group
CO GeosCore/tagged_co_mod.F Carbon Cycle Working Group
CO2 GeosCore/co2_mod.F Carbon Cycle Working Group
Mercury GeosCore/mercury_mod.F Hg and POPs Working Group
Persistent Organic Pollutants GeosCore/pops_mod.F Hg and POPs Working Group
Ozone GeosCore/tagged_o3_mod.F Chemistry Working Group
Radionuclides GeosCore/RnPbBe_mod.F Transport Working Group
The following mechanisms are obsolete and have been removed:
Ethane GeosCore/c2h6_mod.F
  • C2H6
Carbon Cycle Working Group
Methyl iodide GeosCore/ch3i_mod.F
in GEOS-Chem v9-02 and earlier
  • CH3I
Carbon Cycle Working Group
H2-HD isotopes GeosCore/h2_h2_mod.F
in GEOS-Chem v9-02 and earlier
  • H2-HD
Transport Working Group

1The benchmark simulation is used for 1-month and 1-year benchmarks. It uses the Standard chemistry mechanism, but includes both the simple SOA and complex SOA species.

--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 17:02, 22 February 2019 (UTC)

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