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In a fit of optimism, I started installing v10-01 on HPC. Immediately, I ran into the proxy authentication problem. Here is how I resolved it:

Setting git to work with UOW proxy

    with the git:// protocol, tunneling through a proxy is difficult. I couldn't find an alternative http:// address, so I used the following steps:
  • git config --global core.gitproxy ~/.ssh/git-proxy.sh
  • This tells git to look in the ~/.ssh/git-proxy.sh file for information about how to proxy authenticate

  • editted ~/.ssh/git-proxy.sh to look like:
  • #!/bin/sh

    exec /hpc/software/package/corkscrew/2.0/bin/corkscrew proxy.uow.edu.au 8080 $* ~/.ssh/proxyauth

    In this command:

    • /hpc/software... is the path to the program "corkscrew"
    • proxy.uow.edu.au is the address of the proxy
    • 8080 is the proxy port
    • ~/.ssh/proxyauth is the path to a file containing authorisation details (username:password) for the proxy
  • used the standard git clone command to clone the code

Git also seems to have maintained this configuration after logging out and logging back in again, and I could clone successfully.


Compiling was straightforward, using:

make -j8 MET=geos5 GRID=2x25


This is entirely new, and could be interesting to get working... I will follow the instructions on the page [HEMCO data directories] to get the CO2 relevant stuff