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On this page, we provide information about the GEOS-Chem model for High Performance Computing Environments (aka "GEOS-Chem HP", or "GCHP").

About GCHP

GCHP represents the next generation of GEOS-Chem with a distributed memory capability designed to enable efficient scaling across many cores, and thus enable finer resolution simulations. GCHP also has the advantage of using a "cubed-sphere" geometry that will enable more accurate transport and eliminate the polar singularity inherent to lat-lon grids

If you are working on a project using GCHP or would like to stay informed of GCHP developments, please join the GEOS-Chem High Performance Working Group mailing list and add your GCHP project to the GCHP project table on the GEOS-Chem High Performance Working Group wiki page.

GCHP Wiki Pages

GCHP Development Status

Progress of the development of GCHP can be followed at the GCHP Status page.

GCHP Development Kit

We recommend all users start at the GCHP Development Kit page. This will walk all new users through installing and running GCHP for the first time.

Additional Information

These pages will provide users with additional information about how GCHP runs.

Running GCHP outside of Harvard

The following documents may prove helpful to running GCHP outside of Harvard's systems. We recommend, however, all users start with reading the GCHP Development Kit above.

HPC programming information

Old GCHP Documents

This information may be out of date.


Do you have questions? Did you find a bug? Or do you have suggestions for improvement? Please get in touch with us:

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