Coupling GEOS-Chem with BCC CSM

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On this page, we provide information about an ongoing project to interface GEOS-Chem with the Beijing Climate Center (BCC) GCM.

Please see our Coupling GEOS-Chem with other models wiki page for information about projects to interface GEOS-Chem with other Earth System Models.


Lead Developers:

Presentation given at GCA1 (May 2018):

Development of the China National Climate Center Climate-Chemistry Model (BCC-CSM-GEOS-Chem): model development and evaluation for atmospheric chemistry component (Xiao Lu, PKU)

Xiao Lu wrote:

We are coupling the whole GEOS-Chem with BCC-ACGM. So we also use the GCHP interface (e.g. gigc_chunk_mod.F90, although may be an older version), and transfer the State_Met and State_Chm objective between BCC and GC. The difference regards to CESM-GC or WRF-GC as I read from Seb’s and May’s slides is that we turn off HEMCO at this stage and process emissions directly in the model. BCC-GC coupling also does not use MAPL or ESMF as BCC is not build on ESMF.
I guess the GC code will add many tags as defined (CESM) or defined (WRF) in the modules. If so, I suggest a tag of defined (BCCCSM) be added together. As all couplings are similar in many ways but (I guess) BCC-GC is more model-specific and requires additional coding, e.g. on emissions and eliminating ESMF dependency, I think this is a good way at this stage, and I will reconcile my changes based on these updates in the near future. This can be further discussed.



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