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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem carbon gas simulations (CO, CO2, CH4, etc.) are encouraged to subscribe to the carbon gases email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

Contact information

Carbon Cycle Working Group Co-Chairs
Carbon Cycle Working Group email list geos-chem-carbon [at]

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Current Carbon Cycle Projects (please add yours!)

Simulation User Group Description Contact Person Date Added or Updated
CarbonCycle Harvard University and JPL Adding a CO-CO2-CH4-OCS chemistry mechanism with The Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP) Bob Yantosca (GCST)
Kevin Bowman (JPL)
03 Jun 2022
    Projects using CH4 simulations    
Methane Purdue University Methane sources in Pan-Arctic region Zeli Tan 26 Nov 2012
Methane Harvard Improved methane simulation;
Updated emission inventories;
Inverse modeling;
Jack Bruno
Yang Li
Xiao Lu
Hannah Nesser
Elise Penn
Zhen Qu
Tia Scarpelli
Lu Shen
Melissa Sulprizio
Daniel Varon
Jiawei Zhuang
19 May 2020
Methane University of Minnesota Methane sources in US Midwest Dylan Millet 8 May 2019
Methane University of Edinburgh Ethane & Propane Trends as a Proxy for Methane Doug Finch 8 May 2019
Methane University of Edinburgh Clumped Isotopes of Methane in GEOS-Chem Alice Drinkwater 8 May 2019
Methane NIWA, New Zealand Global agricultural CH4 sources, MethaneSat Beata Bukosa Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher 3 March 2021
    Projects using CO and/or Tagged CO simulations    
Tagged CO JPL Using tagged CO simulations to interpret MLS observations Jianjun Jin 12 May 2011
Tagged CO
and full chemistry
Duke CO sources from biomass burning
(NOTE: Cross-listed under full-chemistry)
Prasad Kasibhatla 15 Jun 2009
Tagged CO U. Toronto Adjoint analysis of CO sources from MOPITT Zhe Jiang 09 Jun 2009
    Projects using CO2 simulations    
CO2 Caltech Source/sink estimation of CO2 using ground-based FTS observations Janina Messerschmidt 26 Sept 2011
CO2 UEA CO2 flux inversions ZhaoHui Chen 1 Jul 2011
CO2/Tagged CO Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Using CO/CO2 correlations for CO2 inverse modeling Helen Wang 12 May 2011

CO2 Tsinghua U. Nested grid simulation to interpret surface CO2 observations Yuxuan Wang 12 May 2011
CO2 Environment Canada CO2 modeling and source/sink estimation Ray Nassar 11 Apr 2011
CO2 U. Edinburgh CO2 simulation and surface flux estimation by using Ensemble Kalman Filter Liang Feng 18 Aug 2010
CO2/CO Adjoint JPL CO2 and CO assimilation into the NASA Carbon Monitoring System Flux (CMS-Flux) project Kevin Bowman 28 Jun 2010
CO2 U. Toronto Modeling CO2 and its sources and sinks with GEOS-Chem Dylan Jones 09 Jun 2009
CO2 IUP U. Bremen Study the CO2 and OCS relationship using ground-based FTS observations and GEOS-Chem Yuting Wang 17 May 2014
CO2/CH4/CO U. Wollongong Joint simulation and source/sink estimation based on remote sensing and in situ (fixed and moving platforms) measurements in Australia Beata Bukosa 13 April 2017
CO2 FSU Arctic CO2 transport and surface fluxes Chris Holmes Kelly Graham May 2017

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